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Why choose US Shingle for your vinyl siding?

Each vinyl siding style leaves an unique impression. What kind of impression does your home give? Good or bad? That depends on your home style, plus how you about the way shapes and shape patterns & how they should interact on the outside of your home. Typically, the only wrong decision is a hasty one, and our goal is to ensure that every customer makes an informed decision.


Clapboard – also known as lap or bevel siding – is distinguished by its overlapping thin planks that is used to cover many New England-style cottages. In addition to its charming quaintness; the overlapping nature of clapboard siding adds natural protection from snow, rain and the elements.

Our traditional siding and Haven insulated siding is available in clapboard.



The Dutchlap variation of the clapboard theme exudes the traditional look of early settler mid-Atlantic homes and has its roots in the original wood versions used in North European home construction. It imitates vintage wood looks without imitating vintage wood splinters.

Our  traditional and  Haven insulated siding  is available in Dutchlap.



Rustic in nature, vertical siding has been a popular addition to a wide range of architectural styles since the medieval times of jousting and feasting. The board & batten variation of the vertical theme–with its alternating wide and narrow panels–is growing in popularity, particularly on historical homes and barns. And homes that are neither historical nor barns.

Our traditional siding and Haven insulated siding is available in vertical profiles.



Another slightly more dramatic variation of clapboard siding, beaded siding uses (you guessed it) a rounded bead at the bottom of a course of clapboard shingles to display more pronounced shadow lines. The beaded style started as a popular style on buildings pre-dating 1800 in the southern U.S.



Cedar shake can do a great impersonation of a New England-style summer home. Many homeowners use shake in strategic areas to complement another type of siding for a warmer, more natural look.

Another kind of siding that excels as a natural, rustic accent is shake & shingles siding. It comes in a variety of geometric shapes like hexagons, half cove, square and octagon. Shake & shingles siding is popular, so you’ll spot it hanging around a variety of home styles–including Cape Cod, Queen Anne and Craftsman.

An extra-amazing example of this type of siding in all its rich varieties is our Portsmouth Shake & Shingles.



The right color combinations make sense on a logical, emotional and sometimes inexplicable level. Siding is available in hundreds of colors now, which is simultaneously exciting and daunting news.

Life may be simpler when you have fewer choices, but certainly much more interesting when you have more!

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  • Great!!!!! ...and the clean up was really something else. I could not tell anyone had been here except for our new roof. Thanks for your excellent work!

  • "Due to the storm and hail damage back in December, I was in need of a new roof. After speaking with my neighbor, he recommended U.S Shingle and urged me to give them a call. He stated that U.S Shingle had replaced his roof and did a fantastic job. I called U.S Shingle and spoke with Justin, who from the start was very professional. He took the time to explain all the steps involved. He simplified the process and even met with my insurance adjusters for the actual inspection. Within 24 hours, the insurance company had approved the work. U.S Shingle arrived on the day promised to begin the work. To my surprise, when I arrived home from work later that evening, the job was completed! My home looked great! U.S Shingle really out-performed themselves. It’s refreshing to know that there are companies out there who are looking out for the consumer. Needless to say, the work was quality and the price was reasonable. I was even able to add on several upgrades…and still saved a little green! Thanks Mr. Smith & U.S Shingle for a job well done!"

  • “I live out of town and have a rental property that not only needed a new roof but some special love and care. I called Hank at US Shingle and asked him to put on a new roof. He came out immediately and gave me a great price. They had the work done in two days and the roof looks great. Not only that, Hank stuck around and helped me get other contractors in to fix up the place and make it “market” ready. I have never met any of the people at US Shingle personally but without their help and dedication I could not have gotten my house ready to sell. When I came to visit after all the work was done everything was amazing. Hank made sure it was perfect!! You can not find many reliable, honest people to do what they say they will especially if you live out of state but I’m telling you that US Shingle is the real deal. I want to say thanks again US Shingle for all your hard work!!!”

  • Better than I could have imagined! I had called six companies - S I X - to request a quote before getting in contact with US Shingle. They either would not return my call, or did not show up for scheduled appointments, or both. US Shingle came out right away (for which I am grateful because it was late on a Friday) and within 15 minutes (literally) had inspected my roof and was in contact with my insurance provider. Yeah, my roof was in pretty bad shape. I am not exaggerating when I say that every bit of this project was handled with very little required of me. The work was performed within two weeks and they finished the job in one day. I couldn’t be happier. It looks beautiful!

  • “I never would have realized that I had any kind of storm damage to my roof. But Joey came and checked it out, and advised me that I did. His father did a follow up to be sure it was needed. I contacted my insurance company and they agreed. What a great feeling to know that I was going to get a new and beautiful roof and it only cost me my deductible! Joey and his company, US Shingle, were courteous and prompt and kept their word in all that they said they would do. They covered all my shrubs and took the time to be sure none of the plants would get broken. Within two days the roof was done and then the clean up began and they did a wonderful clean up job. They even came out after the clean up and checked everywhere with an instrument that would detect the roofing nails if there were any on the ground. I would definitely recommend US Shingle. They were a pleasure to do business with, and I highly recommend them…….Thanks US Shingle!”

  • They were amazing and more than what I expected! The quality of work was unbelievable, and the price was the lowest out of multiple companies I checked with. I will definitely use them again in the future.