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Residential Roofing

Why Choose U.S. Shingle to Complete Your Roofing Project?

Homeowners with houses of any architectural style choose vinyl siding from U.S. Shingle because it’s durable, affordable, and easy to install. It also offers a polished, tidy appearance. Our family-owned business has been serving Birmingham, Boise, San Antonio, & Spokane for numerous years, providing excellent customer service during every installation and repair. We are a trusted provider in the area, and we offer extended warranties. Our list of clients continues to grow as we install more new roofs and make more repairs.

Skilled Roofing Professionals

U.S. Shingle has a team of experienced roofers whop show attention to detail and employ advanced skills in every job. We offer detailed estimates and will leave your home clean and hassle free when we’re finished.

High Quality Materials

We have the materials you need for steep sloped or flat roofs. This includes asphalt shingles of many varieties, including 25 year three-tab, designer, dimensional, and architectural shingles. We’ll enhance your roof’s beauty while increasing your home’s value. U.S. Shingle also provides metal roof materials, including basic r-panel screw down roofs as well as standing steam roofs. These will last you the rest of your lifetime, and we have many colors to choose from. We’ll help you choose the best product and provide samples to help you make your decision.

Attention to Ventilation

Unlike other installers, we never forget proper ventilation. Without it, condensation in the attic, mold, and mildew can damage your roof and affect your health. Our products protect your home and are also energy efficient, saving you money and increasing your comfort all year round. Our installers are trained to use a wide variety of ventilation products chosen for your specific application.

Minor or Major Repairs

Our roofers can handle any major or minor repair job, including adding ventilation, gutter and chimney repair, flashing, new valets, and much more. We’ll also inspect your roof before we begin to determine the specifics of the repair.

What are the Benefits of Roof Replacement?

Allowing U.S. Shingle to replace your roof plays a major protecting your property and inhabitants from the elements. Your roof needs to be watertight and stable. Usually, a replacement is needed every 15 years. Replacing your roof will:

  • Get Rid of Leaks
  • Improve your Home’s Appearance
  • Make It Easier to Sell
  • Improve the Safety of Your Home

What Type of Roofs Do You Work With?

U.S. Shingle in Birmingham works with several types of roof, installing, repairing, and replacing them. This includes gable, Mansard, hip, Bonnet, and flat roofs.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying!

  • "Due to the storm and hail damage back in December, I was in need of a new roof. After speaking with my neighbor, he recommended U.S Shingle and urged me to give them a call. He stated that U.S Shingle had replaced his roof and did a fantastic job. I called U.S Shingle and spoke with Justin, who from the start was very professional. He took the time to explain all the steps involved. He simplified the process and even met with my insurance adjusters for the actual inspection. Within 24 hours, the insurance company had approved the work. U.S Shingle arrived on the day promised to begin the work. To my surprise, when I arrived home from work later that evening, the job was completed! My home looked great! U.S Shingle really out-performed themselves. It’s refreshing to know that there are companies out there who are looking out for the consumer. Needless to say, the work was quality and the price was reasonable. I was even able to add on several upgrades…and still saved a little green! Thanks Mr. Smith & U.S Shingle for a job well done!"

  • “I live out of town and have a rental property that not only needed a new roof but some special love and care. I called Hank at US Shingle and asked him to put on a new roof. He came out immediately and gave me a great price. They had the work done in two days and the roof looks great. Not only that, Hank stuck around and helped me get other contractors in to fix up the place and make it “market” ready. I have never met any of the people at US Shingle personally but without their help and dedication I could not have gotten my house ready to sell. When I came to visit after all the work was done everything was amazing. Hank made sure it was perfect!! You can not find many reliable, honest people to do what they say they will especially if you live out of state but I’m telling you that US Shingle is the real deal. I want to say thanks again US Shingle for all your hard work!!!”

  • “I never would have realized that I had any kind of storm damage to my roof. But Joey came and checked it out, and advised me that I did. His father did a follow up to be sure it was needed. I contacted my insurance company and they agreed. What a great feeling to know that I was going to get a new and beautiful roof and it only cost me my deductible! Joey and his company, US Shingle, were courteous and prompt and kept their word in all that they said they would do. They covered all my shrubs and took the time to be sure none of the plants would get broken. Within two days the roof was done and then the clean up began and they did a wonderful clean up job. They even came out after the clean up and checked everywhere with an instrument that would detect the roofing nails if there were any on the ground. I would definitely recommend US Shingle. They were a pleasure to do business with, and I highly recommend them…….Thanks US Shingle!”