deluxe and standard gutter guards

Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards help keep your gutters free of leaves and debris which prevents your gutters from getting clogged. Besides repairing roofs and replacing shingles, U.S. Shingle can also help keep your gutters clean and debris free. Gutters are vital for removing water from your roof, and if they get clogged, the water that's stuck on your roof can lead to leaks and other damage. U.S. Shingle can prevent your gutters from being clogged with leaves and debris by installing Gutter Guards.

Gutter Guards prevent leaf and debris buildup and eliminate the need for hazardous cleaning rituals. U.S. Shingle offers several Gutter Guard styles that will protect your home's gutters for decades.


This system has ridges that make GutterRx self-cleaning by promoting airflow. All it takes is a slight breeze to blow-dried leaves and other debris off the system so that you can leave the gutter cleaning to Mother Nature. The GutterRx is an all-aluminum system, which means won't have to worry about it warping or deteriorating over time. The system even comes with a 20-year warranty.

Aside from preventing leaf buildup, GutterRx completely encloses your gutter so birds, squirrels, and insects cannot build nests. GutterRx accomplishes this feat without interfering with your roof. The system is invisible from the ground and attaches to the front & back of the gutter. This placement strengthens the entire gutter system; making it strong enough to handle snow and ice buildup. GutterRX is available in White and Dark Bronze in both 5" and 6".

LeaFree™ Gutter Cap

Another option for protecting your gutters is the LeaFree Gutter Cap. This sturdy aluminum gutter cover is engineered to keep leaves and debris out of your gutter so that it remains clog-free. The LeaFree Gutter Cap system is so effective that it comes with a LIFETIME clog-free guarantee.

The panels of the system can handle heavy rain and have been tested to handle more than 14 inches of rain in an hour. LeaFree is made from .024 aluminum which why they can offer such a good warranty. Furthermore, the .024 aluminum used cannot be chewed through, so birds and insects can build nests there. Another benefit is that aluminum will not warp or distort over time.

Also, the system won't damage your roof or fascia. LeaFree™ goes under the first row of shingles and is attached to the lip of the gutter with stainless steel screws. And the system is designed to go over your existing gutters. The LeaFree™ design is low profile. The low profile design enhances the look of your home, blends in with your roofline, and hides unsightly metal flashing.

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