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Boise Residential Roofing: Replacement, Repair & Installation

Why Choose U.S. Shingle to Complete Your Roofing Project in Boise ID?

Boise Residential Roofing Projects

Homeowners with houses of any architectural style choose vinyl siding from U.S. Shingle in Boise because it’s durable, affordable, and easy to install. It also offers a polished, tidy appearance. Our family-owned roof repair contractors have been serving Boise for numerous years, providing excellent customer service during every roof installation and repair. We are a trusted residential shingle roofing service provider in the Boise area, and we offer extended warranties. Our list of clients continues to grow as we install more new roofs and make more roof repairs.

Skilled Boise Residential Roofing Professionals

Boise Residential Roofing Professionals

U.S. Shingle has a team of experienced roofers who show attention to detail and employ advanced skills in every job. We offer detailed estimates for residential roofing installation & repair in Boise, ID and will leave your home clean and hassle free when we’re finished.

High Quality Materials

Boise High Quality Residential Roofing Materials

We have the materials you need for steep sloped or flat roofs. This includes asphalt shingles of many varieties, including 25 year three-tab, designer, dimensional, and architectural shingles. We’ll enhance your roof’s beauty while increasing your home’s value. U.S. Shingle also provides metal roof materials, including basic r-panel screw down roofs as well as standing steam roofs. These will last you the rest of your lifetime, and we have many colors to choose from. We’ll help you choose the best product and provide samples to help you make your decision.

Attention to Ventilation


Unlike other installers, we never forget proper ventilation. Without it, condensation in the attic, mold, and mildew can damage your roof and affect your health. Our products protect your home and are also energy efficient, saving you money and increasing your comfort all year round. Our Boise residential roof installers are trained to use a wide variety of ventilation products chosen for your specific application.

Minor or Major Residential Roof Repairs In Boise, ID

Boise Residential Roofing Installation & Repairs

Our Boise roofers can handle any major or minor roof repair job, including adding ventilation, gutter and chimney repair, flashing, new valets, and much more. We’ll also inspect your roof before we begin to determine the specifics of the repair.

What are the Benefits of Roof Replacement?

Boise Residential Roofing Benefits

Allowing U.S. Shingle to replace your roof plays a major protecting your property and inhabitants from the elements. Your roof needs to be watertight and stable. Usually, a roof replacement is needed every 15 years. Replacing your roof will:

  • Get Rid of Leaks
  • Improve your Home’s Appearance
  • Make It Easier to Sell
  • Improve the Safety of Your Home

What Type of Roofs Do You Work With?

Roof Types

U.S. Shingle in Boise works with several types of residential roof installations, repairing, and replacing them as needed. This includes gable, Mansard, hip, Bonnet, and flat roofs.