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$99 Roof Tune-Up

Take preventative measures now to protect your roof with our $99 Roof Tune-Up from our top-rated roofing contractors in Birmingham, Alabama

With our low-cost $99 Roof Tune-Up Service, we make it possible for everyone to take the necessary preventative measures to protect their homes. At such a low price, this service comes with several updates that can help homeowners keep their roofs in great shape throughout the year. Our team of professional roofing contractors can help prevent leaks, fix loose shingles, inspect your attic and much more. Our U.S. Shingle roofing experts will thoroughly inspect your roof to make sure there are no major issues that could cause issues in the future.

With our experienced team, you can feel confident your roof is in top condition and problem-free. Don’t wait until something happens to take action, as this is going to result in more problems and higher repair bills. By taking advantage of our limited-time offer of a $99 Roof Tune-Up, you don’t have to worry about leaks, holes, pests, and other problems. The peace of mind our Tune-Up services provide is well worth the small fee. Don’t wait to call!

U.S.Shingle’s $99 Roof Tune-Up includes:

  • Resealing chimney flashings, around pipe collars, vents, exhaust fans, and chimney flashings
  • Nail down any loose shingles,
  • In-depth inspection to uncover any interior leaks
  • Inspection of your attic, ventilation, and insulation
  • Summary of services provided and recommendations and action to address any roofing issues

Some restrictions apply:

  • Residential Customers Only
  • Deal cannot be combined with other specials or offers
  • Deal cannot be applied to current or past jobs
  • Appointments are to be performed during regular business hours
  • Limit one deal per person/household
  • Does not include replacement of tiles or shingles
  • Some roofs with steep pitches over 6/12 may not be accessible.
  • All work is weather permitting and may be subject to change

Our goal is to provide you with superior roofing services at an affordable price. If there’s a service you need that’s not included on our list, please reach out to our team. We will work with you to help ensure all your concerns and issues – roof-related – are addressed. When it comes to your home’s roof, the old saying is true – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Prevent issues now and save money throughout the year.

Keep in mind, our Roof Tune-Up means that one of our professional technicians will be on-site to inspect and evaluate your roofing system. We will take detailed notes regarding the current condition of your roof and any repair or upgrade recommendations. Our goal is to be completely transparent and explain any of the problems we find. When you call our team, you can feel confident your roof is in good hands.

Don’t put off protecting your property from leaks and other issues that can become devastating for your property. Contact our roofing professionals today to schedule your low-cost $99 Roof Tune-Up!